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    Water Tank Refills Sunshine Coast & Hinterland

    Water is an important part of everyday living and in today’s climate it could be considered our most valuable asset when it comes to everyday living. Ottaway Water Cartage specialises in in the delivery of drinking water straight to your tank. Our 13,000 litre truck travels right through the Sunshine Coast and Hinterland delivering anywhere in between.

    It’s important not to wait until your tank is bone dry. Be sure to schedule in your delivery before your water runs out in order to avoid any wait times that might be upon us.

    Some Important Questions

    How many days a week do you operate

    During peak times we may operate up to 7 days a week, whilst usually only Monday to Friday during quieter periods.

    What times do you operate?

    Daylight hours, generally, within reason, again dependent on peak periods.

    How long are your hoses?

    We have 6 hoses of varying lengths, totally about 70 metres.

    I’m not sure if you will be able to access the site, how do I find out?

    As you can appreciate the truck is big and can be hard to manoeuvre in tight areas, steep driveways, and driveways with over hanging trees. And obviously we want to make as minimal impact on your yard as possible. This is where the extra lengths of hose come in handy. But give us a call to discuss any access concerns you have, as we usually ask this question anyway.


    What payment methods do you take?

    We accept direct bank transfer, credit card payments via Square, or cash. We just ask that invoices are paid within 7 days